Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mazatlan - Part 4: Bambeleiro

One day in Mazatlan we looked up from the cockpit to see Carl and Cristina from Bambeleiro calling to us from the shore. They had sailed across the Sea of Cortez from Los Frailes in some very windy conditions, but had made it to the coast with no problem aboard their beautiful Ranger 33, which they had completely refitted. We were delighted to see them and immediately planned to do some things together. Initially they had anchored in the harbor, so we met them by the old Club Nautico and walked to the top of Isla Creston to see El Faro, one of the highest standing lighthouses in the world (515 feet).

View of Mazatlan harbour from the lighthouse - Stone Island anchorage in the background

Bambeleiro is just behind the ketch in the anchorage.  Note the 3 cruise ships in the background.  (Due to the recent shooting of one foreigner in Mazatlan, the cruise ships have since stopped coming here - imagine the economic impact of that!  Would cruise ships stop coming to Vancouver if one foreign tourist was shot?)

Carl and Cristina

Malecon in the background

El Farro

Later, Carl and Cristina moved Bambeleiro around to the Singlar dock beside Marina Mazatlan, so we were able to have dinner together on several occasions.  We even having another rousing hand of Escoba!  One night Cristina made us a  wonderful authentic “Catalan” paella chock full of shrimp and so rich and tasty it was impossible to even converse as we ate it.  It just melted in our mouths – along with our favourite Mexican red wine from the Baja. What a treat!

Although this isn't the exact dish Cristina prepared, it is similar.  Once again, I was so overwhelmed by the food, company and amibience, I forgot to take a picture.

Over dinner that night, I confessed my night watch strategy – dancing to Shakira in the cockpit. Cristina said: “You like Latin music?” I said: “Yes! You can’t sit still – it compels you have to dance – you have no choice!” A few days later, this intrepid and thoughtful cruising couple dropped off a CD absolutely PACKED with up tempo Latin music – enough to keep me dancing all the way to Hawaii! Yahoo!

Another evening, just at dusk, Carl and Cristina paddled to Ka'sala with a different type of present - a whole skip jack tuna!  This required some research and the watching of several how-to YouTube videos ( - to give you an idea), but after a great deal of discussion and preparation Doug was able to clean and filet this little treat into two dinners - one on the BBQ and another on my nifty cast iron grill.  Although it wasn't as succulent as the albacore we had enjoyed in Coos Bay, it was succulent. 

Skip Jack Tuna

After a week together, Bambeleiro departed for points further south.  Hopefully we will see Carl and Cristina again soon - I have a few dance moves to show them!  Thank you both!

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  1. Funny post!!! We are glad you liked the latin music CD, and hope it keeps you dancing all night lond in your overnights!