Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leaving Mazatlan

Today we leave Mazatlan.  Yesterday we celebrated our departure by taking the bus to Cerritos to have a seafood dinner on the beach before walking back to Ka'sala. 

Beach at Cerritos looking south to El Cid and the marina breakwater

View from the restaurant - we will pass these islands on our way south this afternoon

We enjoyed the slower pace in Mazatlan which allowed us to catch our breath, slow down, enjoy this beautiful city, visit with friends, and get some boatwork done.

I hoist Doug up the mast with the main halyard winch so he can lubricate the sail slots.

The last of the Cetol comes off the companionway doors and Schooner varnish goes on.

We were also fortunate to be in Mazatlan at the same time as family friends, Sid and Angie. They were staying at El Cid and on several occasions I was able to spend some time with them. They have been coming to Mazatlan annually for many years and did not waste any time showing us many of their favourite spots and introducing us to some of their favourite people. One night they treated us to an excellent Italian dinner. Thank you, Sid and Angie!

We've loved our time here and, although we are looking forward to continuing the adventure, we will surely miss this wonderful place.  I know we will be back someday.  Even after a month there is so much more to do and see, let alone enjoy the climate for rest and relaxation.

We are heading to Isla Isabel - an island made famous by Jacques Cousteau many years ago.  Known as Mexico's Galapagos, it is home to thousands of nesting birds - specifically frigates and boobies.  The anchorage is supposed to be rocky and a little exposed - people only go in calm conditions.  The weather looks like it might cooperate and I'm looking forward to some photo opportunities.

From there, the plan is to head toward San Blas and stay in the bay at Matanchen and, when conditions are right, enter the estuary to stay at the municipal docks in the town.  San Blas is a small Mexican town with some interesting things to see and do - primarily a panga trip through the estuaries, into the jungle to some freshwater springs and a crocodile preserve.  Unfortunately, San Blas is also famous for its noseeums.  Well - no pun intended - we'll see.  We have screens and bug dope, so hopefully we will survive.

The adventure continues.......

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