Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday December 3 - on the way to Bahia Santa Maria

24.43.306 N
113.14.005 W

5:30pm PST

We've had a great 24 hours sailing and covered some good distance. In an area forecast to have 5 - 15 knot winds, we have experienced 15 - 25, just going to show you can't always rely on weather updates. We listened to one of the Baja Ham nets this morning broadcasting the winds were 10 knots in the very area we were sailing in 25 knots, with the accompanying large seas! What I can say is that the wind hasn't been steady, nor always from the same direction, so we have had to do quite a bit of reefing, course monitoring, sail changes - in other words - sailing!

The water has got steadily warmer and is over 25 degrees celcius where we are at the moment. The colour is an amazing fathomless turquoise blue. Today we had a tiny little bird come visit us for a few hours. It popped its head over the dodger to say hello. I have no idea what kind of bird it is, but it was the size of a canary, yellow with black stripes and a small hooked beak. It sat up in the rigging and rode along with us before flying away again. We had a couple of dolphins playing in our bow wake and in the distance we could see whales spouting, but they came nowhere near the boat. The California grey whale migrates down from Alaska to lagoons off the enormous bay we are crossing, to have their babies and make more. We are surprised we haven't seen more as this is the time of year they begin to arrive.

We expect to arrive in Bahia Santa Maria tomorrow morning where we intend to stay for a few days exploring.

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