Saturday, December 5, 2015

In Bahia Santa Maria

24.46.211 N
112.15.46 W

We arrived at Bahia Santa Maria just on time for a cold anti pasta plate and iced wine after a quiet night of sailing and motoring in smooth seas.  Does life get any better than 30 degrees in the sunshine with a water temperature of 26 degrees?  We watched a small pod of whales welcome us into the Bay with exuberant slapping of tails.  Saw our first frigate circling above and the pelicans are lining the reef beside us watching for their dinner.  We are anchored in 8 metres and I can clearly see the bottom through translucent emerald green water.  A slight breeze whispers across the water.  Paradise?  I think I will go for a swim!

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  1. Great hearing from you two. We would love to see you again. We keep asking people from Comox if they know you and finally we met a couple here in Chamela, Fred and Charlene. He makes Wolf watermakers and she, a retired dietician, used to have connections with the school you worked at.
    Please stop in if you pass thru. We are in the park closer to the north end of the beach. We will be here until mid to late Jan then on to Zijuatenejo for a wedding in mid Feb. Might participate in the sail fest but that is too far away to plan for at present