Monday, October 12, 2015

Half Moon Bay

We have been anchored in Half Moon Bay for four days. 

Looking down from the bluffs - Ka'sala is in the middle distance

During that time we have been welcomed by the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club and have enjoyed meeting their members.

This growing, family-oriented sailing club has a lovely facility on the shores of the inner harbour.  They keep their Cal-20 fleet on a floating dock connected to the club by a “ferry”.  

Ferry is the bridge looking contraption halfway between the dock and shore
We were invited on our first night to join their regular Friday TGIF and were able to meet quite a number of their members – all of whom were welcoming and friendly.  One of their members, Glen, is married to Nancy, a fellow Canadian, and he enthusiastically invited us to their home for Thanksgiving dinner.  So far away from family and friends, we felt warmly received and enjoyed a terrific traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. 

Nancy admiring the feast
Being allowed to keep our dinghy on the HMBYC dock made it easy for us to explore the area.  We spent one afternoon walking the bluffs and watching surfers catching giant waves off Mavericks and the outer reefs. 

View out to the Pacific from the bluffs, fog in the distance

Reefs off Pillar Point
A large swell was coming in from a storm in the north pacific making the conditions excellent for this challenging sport.  We even saw famous Mavericks surfer Jeff Clark tackle huge waves off Flat Iron Rock on his stand up paddleboard.  Yes – stand up paddleboard!!!

Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark completing a surf on his stand up paddleboard

This shot from the internet shows the size of waves that can come into Pillar Point -  the one I took of the reef above is in the same place!
Around the corner, in the sheltered harbour, we have been able walk the beach and  launch the kayaks to explore. 

Beach along Pillar Point and Mavericks on a calm day
Because of large schools of anchovies, there are hundreds of pelicans hanging out for a bite, lining the breakwater.  They are enormous creatures fascinating to watch as they fly in formation around the harbour and dive bomb for their suppers.  In fact, Half Moon Bay is teaming with sea life.  We have seen multiple species of sea birds, as well as seals and sea lions, and we are told there are numerous types of fish as well.  

The weather hasn’t been as nice as it was on our last visit.  We’ve had fog every day to various thicknesses and a strong wind blowing through the anchorage, making it a little chilly.  However, when the sun does come out, it is warm and gorgeous.

Looking east toward public marina

We plan to leave early tomorrow morning for Santa Cruz – approximately 50 miles south – spend the night and continue on to Monterey for a few days.

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