Friday, October 9, 2015

Good bye San Francisco, Hello Half Moon Bay

We are at sea again!  We left Emery Cove Marina after breakfast Wednesday morning (7/10) under sunny skies and no wind.  The Bay was unusually calm and we slowly wound our way around Angel Island and Tiburon to drop the anchor in Sausalito in the early afternoon.  Both of us were very keen to be heading south again, but we were also sorry to say goodbye to Carl and Cristina who have been so good to us during our stay.  We will miss them. 

We were starting to get a bit too familiar with Emeryville and by the time we left we had worked out the public transportation systems, where the best places to buy groceries were, the best hiking and biking trails, finding the chandleries and making social connections.  Danger! Not good for cruising sailors!  Time to move on! 

At Port Costa
Before we left, we did manage to find our way to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival where we joined thousands of others to hear the music and be part of the scene. 

 People of all ages attended, though we thought there were fewer than the last time we were there.  

We were enveloped for most of the day in clouds of marijuana as people mellowed out to the tunes of Joe Jackson, Steve Earle, Ry Cooder, Indigo Girls and Lera Lynn to name just a very few.

After a benign night at Sausalito we followed the ebb tide back under the Golden Gate Bridge and down the coast to Half Moon Bay. 

Goodbye San Francisco
The sun shone, it was warm, and by early afternoon the breeze picked up from the north west and we sailed wing on wing down past the Mavericks breakers before heading into this calm, protected harbour.  This was quite a different passage from the one we did five years ago when we beat into a south wind and uncomfortable steep seas.

Sunset at Half Moon Bay
We expect to stay here for a few days to hike in the hills and kayak around the harbour before continuing on to Santa Cruz and Monterey.  

Hiking near Port Costa, overlooking the Sacremento River. We'll miss you Carl and Cristina!  Thank you for everything.

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