Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Drake's Bay

Lat: 38:00:000 W
Long: 122:58:011 N
9:30 Pacific Time

Arrived Drake's Bay approximately 5am this morning. In the dawning light we found ourselves surrounded by small fishing boats waiting to head out for the day's catch. By daylight we were the only ones in the bay.

We slept deeply for a few hours, then were up in the warm, dry sunshine, cleaning the boat, reorganizing stuff, taking well-deserved showers, airing out clothes and bedding. Later in the day enjoying a proper supper and a lovely glass of wine (or two). We are feeling somewhat human again!

Drake's Bay is a supernatural place. Very remote, craggy, gorgeous light infused - we are surrounded by wind shattered bluffs and cropped hills with grazing cattle. Tomorrow we intend to explore the area more and will probably be here for a couple of days before heading into the city. The weather is predicted to remain stable.

All is well aboard Ka'sala.

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