Monday, September 7, 2015

Approaching Drake's Bay

Lat: 38:20:659 N
Long: 123:32:344 W
9:30 pm Pacific Time

In a few hours we expect to drop the anchor in Drake's Bay off Point Reyes. We stayed in this marine sanctuary anchorage the last time we made this trip - though that time it was in the fog. The bay is at the entrance to the San Francisco area, a few nautical miles from the famous bridge. So, basically, we are almost in San Francisco - in a little more than 5 days - a fast passage. We are looking forward to a good night's uninterrupted sleep, shower, boat clean, etc., before entering the bustling city. (Got to look good!). The weather is great - sunny and warm - so also want to explore the bay by kayak and hiking trails. It will be a good way to transition back to the "real" world.

Last night was very windy - most either of us have ever seen. We both saw 50 knots in gusts, but steady 40 - 45 knots, very steep, high seas. I never knew Ka'sala was such a great surfer! More details in an upcoming blog entry in a few days. For now, crew is in fine spirits and Ka'sala was amazing.

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