Friday, February 18, 2011

Where We Are - February 18

As I try valiantly to catch up the blog, I realize that we have moved ahead and I haven’t told you where we are at the moment.  Right now we are in paradise.  Well, at least that is what the fellow said when we checked into Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. 

Notice breakwater entrance at the top - marina slips curl around to the left

Why is this crazy woman smiling?
 nursing sore shoulders and backs as well as hanging out at the lap pool and the spa at the Vallarta Yacht Club.  We are scouting for others who are making the trip back home via Hawaii, but as yet, no luck -lots of Puddle Jumpers (sailboats leaving for the South Pacific), but no one, as yet, going our way.  It’s not that we want to buddy boat – far from it – but it would be nice to know if there will be others out there when we make the crossing.  It’s always a good idea to compare notes and keep in touch.  Anybody out there?

We are currently enjoying a week in this fabulous resort, catching up with sailing friends, exploring Puerto Vallarta, scrubbing out the boat inside and out, including some lovely jobs such as removing the oven and cleaning it (yuck!),

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    Hey Lyneita, we met a young couple aboard a Baba 35 in La Cruz who will be making the passage to Hawaii then Portland. Here's the link for their website, I know they'd love to bounce passage strategies off you guys. Enjoy paradise! We're enjoying Christmas every day, today we're learning to surf, wish us luck. Carl and Cris