Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29 @ 5:30pm PST

28:29.090 N
115:02.482 W

The last 24 hours have gone swiftly, but it seems like we are crawling along. We were able to sail until just after midnight, then the wind died and we motored until just after noon today. Right now we are going along at 6+ knots wing on wing with 20 knots dead behind us. Hopefully it will last a little longer tonight, but today has been a carbon copy of yesterday. We have had up to a knot against us all day which has also slowed us down.

All is well aboard. I even made pizza today! Yum!

Today we saw a sailboat going the same way as us far off in the distance. We saw another one and a power boat going north last night on our AIS. Otherwise, it seems we are alone.

We are still not sure if we will stop at the San Bonitas Islands, but will likely stop in Turtle Bay for more fuel and a rest. It all depends on how far we get tonight!

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