Sunday, August 14, 2011


We're home.  More than a year has passed.  Not much has changed - but how wonderful to see familiar faces and places!  I expected we would feel strong emotions as we stepped on the dock at Comox, but curiously, we both felt neutral.  Happy to be back - yes.  Sorry to be back - yes.  I think it will take a while for us to sort it all out.  But one thing we know - the last year has been the greatest adventure of our lives.

I still have a couple of blog entries I will post - one on our time in Port Angeles and another on our trip home through the San Juans - but right now I am caught up in all the whirl of sorting out Ka'sala, re-establishing ourselves in our home, and getting ready to go back to work.  I also intend on taking a stab at answering our initial question.  Did we find the meaning of life?  Stay tuned.

Ka'sala on the dock in the Comox Bay Marina
Thank you, Brad!


  1. Welcome home! We've followed your adventures with serious interest - wondering if Intrepid II should follow this same route back at some point. You've experienced so many challenges and special moments since we first met in San Blas early this year - amazing how many adventures you've 'weathered'. Wishing you well as you settle back in to 'land life'. Carol & Kelly

  2. why only a year on this trip, seems such a long voyage for such a short time?

  3. Hello Doug & Lyneita!

    You left a comment on my small blog & I wanted to say Congratulations on closing your loop! It's always exciting to accomplish a goal, especially an amazing sailing goal like yours! I look forward to reading back through your adventures, but I do hope that you will continue to share thoughts on the meaning of life & what's next!
    As a family, we've been "home" from cruising for 9 years, and I think mom and dad are still trying to figure out "what next"... for myself, the next is continuing the dream as a second generation cruiser, while trying to keep some semblance of shore life too... in hopes of putting off the 'what next' question for as long as possible...
    Hope to see you in the Gulf Islands or the blogosphere!!

    s/v Brio