Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vancouver & a Visit Home, July 28 to August 8

False Creek is a beautiful place to anchor a sailboat for a while. The harbor authority allows transient yachts to stay for 2 weeks and we took full advantage of it. Like the barbican to some fantasy castle, the Burrard Street bridge is the entryway to the charming lagoon within. Passing under the Granville Street bridge, by the False Creek Yacht Club on one side and Granville Island on the other, the passage opens up to a long wide body of water surrounded by sky scrapers, parks, bicycle paths and the Olympic Village, with mountains looming in the distance. It is truly a wonderful spot.

False Creek Lagoon

By launching the dinghy we had ready access to all downtown Vancouver had to offer. Halfway down False Creek is Stamps Landing where sailors can leave their dinghies under the dock for free. Everything a mariner needs is within easy walking distance and the new transit system allows ready access to all parts of the city including the airport for just a few dollars.

Stamp's Landing

I packed my bags to fly home to Ontario to visit family and celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday, while Doug remained behind to work on Ka’sala, catch up with old friends and enjoy the city life. For $2.50 I rode the subway to the airport and was picked up by my sister, Darlene, in Ottawa, a few hours later.

No, this is not how Darlene picked me up at the airport!

It was a great break for me to see my family – the first time I had been home in two years. I spent time in Ottawa with my sister and in Westport with my parents, before all of us packed up and headed off to our summer cottage in Plevna for the big celebrations.

Sunset at the cottage

It was wonderful to have my immediate family, Mom, Dad, Darlene, her husband John and kids Ryan and Sean, and my brother Wes with his daughter Mackenzie. Also there to celebrate was my dear Uncle Jack, my Mom’s brother, and Aunt Mary, his wife, along with their son Paul, his wife Sherry, and their two rambunctious kids Ryan and Aiden. A bonus was to see my cousin Doug Lord with his son Andrew and daughter Frances. The weather was great, we all swam, were entertained by the kids, caught up with each other and ate lots of great food!

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Uncle Jack & Aunt Mary

The Coleman Clan: Wes, Mom, Mackenzie, Dad, me, Darlene,Ryan & Sean.

Ten days passed quickly and I was on the airplane back out to the coast to continue the Ka’sala adventure. While I was gone, Doug had taken the opportunity to paint all the insides of the lockers within the boat and the cockpit making these usually dingy places very bright and easy to clean. In the hot weather, the smell must have been ferocious! What price for a comfortable boat?

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